Targeting The Right Products

||Targeting The Right Products

Targeting The Right Products


An SEO service is ideal for business who want to substantially grow their business, regardless of whether or not they have a retail storefront, corporate office or are a mobile service provider. SEO is also suitable for businesses that provide drop-shipping of products to consumers in a variety of niche industries. SEO can be applied across any organisation, from a startup to a not for profit to a government body. Search engine optimisation is the field of knowledge and skill set where professionals work with business owners and organisation representatives in endeavouring to increase the engagement with a virtual audience.


Off page search engine optimisation extends to print media, direct mail campaigns, radio, television and call centre sales. It is all directed and targeting the right market with information about a product or service that will augment the customer’s current situation, in order to provide a better outcome. In the case of digital marketing and sales agency services for charitable organisations, they market towards people who are passionate about a particular cause, and feel good about making a difference in the lives of others through the donation to that cause. Donations enable products and services to be disseminated to people in need, thereby creating in the person who donate the ability to make a difference.


Regardless of the status of corporate entity, not for profit enterprise or government body, services provided by sales and marketing agencies, particularly in the specialist field of search engine optimisation assist in getting information to the right markets. Understanding of markets, and audience demographics are critical in being able to present compelling reasons to purchase a product or service (or donate to a relevant cause).


A business may have a superior product offering, however if it is not put forward to the right people who are wanting, needing and demanding such a product in their lives, it is not going to either convert, move off the shelves, or have people aware of the need for it in their lives. Sometimes creating content is about educating the client on how to bring a new technology (or service) into their lives, and inspire in them a host of different scenarios where their lives are vastly improved.


For example, during the 1980s, a large campaign was done to warn people of the dangers of HIV and encouraged people to use condoms and practise safe sex. Without the persistent campaigning against HIV and the necessity of condoms, people have dropped off the use of them, and subsequent rates of infection from STIs has increased. The treatment for HIV infections also has become widely known about, so condoms have become an inconvenience, and people are regarding them with no compelling reason to buy.


Health promotion officers in government departments have had a lack of funds to promote towards advertising and marketing of the need for condoms to prevent STIs, and the prevalence of dating sites being used as pickup sites, has created a digital epidemic of sexually transmitted disease. To enforce compelling reasons to buy, the creators of these disease prevention products should focus on targeting advertising in dating apps, and on social media in order to get information to the right market audiences. SEO is about directly pinpointing markets in absolute need of a product, and creating in the market segment a demand for the product due to an absolute requisite need.


Market Targeting Drives Product Demand


If market segments are unaware of the compelling reason to buy, product manufacturers are failing in their endeavours, and should be focusing on equipping themselves with SEO specialists and services in order to rectify these problems. Consumer behaviour research has indicated that many purchase decisions are being influenced by research conducted in mobile phones, and targeted marketing could take strategic advantage of situations such as the preceding example.


SEO services are extremely versatile, and undergirding these services are the principles of excellent customer service, consumer education and understanding market demographics and consumer behaviour. It is both sales, marketing, psychology and the fusion of media and technology which brings a whole skill set of pushing products and services to the right target, thereby creating winning scenarios for all participants.

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