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How SEO can help you?

Search Engine Optimisation works by increasing the visibility of your website through search engine rankings and in turn places it higher on the results page.

SEO is a long term commitment that can’t be achieved within a day. Services and companies that “guarantee” day one results only invest in pay per click, which isn’t a long term organic ranking.

To truly gain the results from SEO you need to create and implement a strategy that focusses on optimising your website and creating quality content. There are many different fields that need to be addressed to ensure that you’re setting yourself up for success.

As the field is constantly changing, you need to be constantly maintaining your strategy as well. It’s not a do once and it’s done sort of deal. Constant monitoring and improvement will give you the best opportunity to gain results.

First page of Google

Over 90% of users don’t look past the first page of Google when they are searching for a phrase. Ensuring that your ranking is high is essential if you want you brand to succeed online.

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Being on the first page ensures that you get higher volumes of traffic to your website. More traffic results in more leads and in turn more sales.

SEO Sydney is specialised in making sure that your website hits rank one. We have helped 3,985 results hit the first page on Google. In turn having an effective AdWords campaign can also ensure success. We have also been able to save clients an average of 50% by optimising on keywords and phrases.

Established social media presence

Having an established social media presence is the most effective way in creating and maintaining an audience that actively interacts with your brand. Users are more likely to visit your social media accounts before your actual website.

Your social media platforms give a more genuine feel for users so that they can gain a more accurate perception of your brand.

SEO Sydney focuses on crating and posting quality content for brand’s social media platforms. To date there has been 4,323 posts. These posts have been able to secure brands 41,234 likes on their social media platforms.