SEO Extends to Off Page Methods

||SEO Extends to Off Page Methods

SEO Extends to Off Page Methods

Who Are SEO Experts?


An SEO expert is a professional dedicated to the improvement of digital marketing for companies and businesses. They often work under an account manager and may work in a niche genre, or have a niche skill that they offer. Complementary skill sets are often grouped together by an SEO account manager in order to provide a range of SEO services to businesses, corporate entities, not for profit organisations and government bodies.

SEO is the process of refining the content and presentation of the website of these clients (business and otherwise) both on the actual website, and extending to a number of digital channels. SEO can also go beyond digital and Internet methods, and include old style forms of marketing and advertising.


SEO Extends to Off Page Methods

These can include print marketing, direct mail campaigns and the contracting of both social influencers, celebrities and call centre teams to create an audience of loyal customers for a business or entity. As an example, a new electric toothbrush may be advertised both on television, a series of advertisements be presented on YouTube, marketing brochures accompany products in displays in retail stores, and the manufacturing company create an online presence around the product.

The design of the package containing the product, down to the images and the words is now in contemporary marketing and advertising done in conjunction with an SEO account manager who manages a team of SEO experts. These experts will include professionals with a number of different training backgrounds, and these will be hand selected according to the context and requirements of both the product and the audience for that product.

For example, if the electric toothbrush was designed for children, a team of marketing consultants would work with child development and psychological professionals, including child educators as ad-hoc SEO experts on creating campaigns suited to marketing the toothbrush to both the children, and parents of the children.


What SEO is About

SEO is about explaining the compelling reason to buy to consumers, and looking for the pain points in consumers. Relating stories to consumers about how the business or other entity understands their situation, and then how the person can augment and improve their situation into a more satisfactory one is the foundation of SEO. It fuses the discipline of user experience (or human and computer interaction) and sets the stage whereby a multi-modal series of techniques, employed by SEO experts with varying skills address the target audience in a way that causes them to understand a new way of being, through the acquisition of a product or service.


Charities Benefit from SEO

In the case of charitable giving, marketing and SEO campaigns are often elicited successfully to those who already choose to give to certain charities, and stories are told by how their charitable giving helps alleviate and improve the situation of those people who receive a product or service. Clients are voluntarily purchasing improved situations for other people through causes they are passionate and care deeply about.

SEO in both personal purchase, business purchase or charitable giving is all foundationally equivalent, in that it is designed to convey the message of an improved set of circumstances to the recipient of the product or service. SEO experts encompass a wide range of skills across various markets and industries, but generally they are:

  • User experience designers in software and web applications
  • E-commerce experts
  • Marketing and advertising executives
  • Statisticians and psychological professionals who understand demographics and market research applications
  • Software engineers who follow trends and keep abreast of the release of latest search engine algorithms
  • Digital technology professionals who specialise in creating videos, graphic art, apps and other forms of multimedia such as podcasts in order to promote SEO (think YouTube SEO specialists as an example)
  • Authors and researches who follow trends on social media and educate those who work in the SEO industry
  • Print media specialists and account managers who liaise with digital marketing agencies and complement the digital campaigns of businesses and other entities
  • Product design and development teams that work towards understanding consumer needs and trends
  • Web developers who understand user experience and work with graphic artists and content creation specialists such as copywriters and videographers to test websites and design the best audience experience
  • SEO generalists who work on keyword research, content design, graphic selection, client analysis, understand consumer behaviour and maximise results of traffic and sales conversions for particular businesses
  • SEO experts who are strategists (account managers) who work directly with clients, gathering current baselines, and create a campaign in order to create measurable improved results in site traffic and improved sales conversions

SEO experts have a wide array of knowledge, and selection of a client in working with a particular professional will require understanding of the client’s own product, their market base and how working with an SEO expert is valuable in gaining improved and measurable results in their business, and promoting long term overall growth.

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