Examples Of Strategic Digital Marketing

||Examples Of Strategic Digital Marketing

Examples Of Strategic Digital Marketing

The world of sales and marketing has gone beyond the usual print media, and created alternative channels to reach potential customers through the digital world. Digital marketing adapts the latest trends in consumer behaviour and creates content suitable to both educate, entertain and inform potential customers about useful products.


Due to the inherent nature of digital marketing, it becomes far easier for an end user to find the answers and solutions to problems or situations they are wanting to resolve. For example, a home owner who is experiencing his or her pet frequently shredding fly screens may search for information regarding how to prevent this destructive pet behaviour. In the search for information about how to prevent pets from engaging in fly screen shredding, he or she may unearth news about a product that is designed to be resistant to being destroyed by pets.


The situation where the home owner has flies, mosquitoes and other pests invading the home due to destroyed fly screens can soon be put to rest, due to the person finding a product on the internet, purchasing and implementing its use as recommended. The cat is no longer able to destroy the screen, and the client’s life is easier and he or she lives a more pleasant experience. Prior to finding this information, the client may have repeatedly replaced screens, or considered rehoming the animal.


Better solutions are designed by digital marketers to be found easily by consumers. Digital marketing is the process of understanding markets and their demographics, and the situations unique to that consumer demographic. Products can be a complete dud, but when they are taken by an expert digital marketer and packaged in the right way, the product can be an overnight success.


Stories Circulating the Internet About Digital Marketing Success

There are many social influencers and Internet celebrities who would otherwise be unknown, save for the success of digital marketing. People like Dr Joe Vitale, an Internet marketing guru, and Psy, a Kpop international superstar became successful through digital marketing channels. YouTube has created the potential for people to become celebrities, and people like Kim Kardashian have pulled in unlimited numbers of followers who buy products she endorses, sheerly through the power of social media.


Markets Are Known As Congregations

Niche markets, or congregations (coined by digital marketing professionals) have particular messages tailored to them to enable them to acquire products and services that are relevant to improving or enhancing their lifestyles. For example, a very niche market sector may be renters who have back injuries, and desiring to purchase home appliances that make their life easier and reduce physical effort in maintaining the home. These products that are suitable may include benchtop dishwashers, robotic vacuum cleaners and auto-sensing driers. Perhaps a range of easy care clothing could also be featured as a niche range of products.

Digital marketing focuses on understanding markets and their needs, and then creating the digital content that will offer distinctive solutions and bring about a better quality of life. This occurs through customer education, and people being able to respond and share information about products that make a difference through testimonials, forums and shareable content.


How to Fully Exploit Digital Marketing

An example of this is an online store created for people with back injuries, and the products being carefully selected and curated by the digital marketing professional in consultation with the business owner, and then testing the market for this product. This is done via A/B split testing (where response to a marketing stimulus is measured statistically) and qualitative reviews on products are gained from consumers in order to assist in the creation of further educational content.


At its foundation, digital marketing is about creating online content, including videos, articles, graphic art, digital brochures and apps that assist a potential consumer in being educated enough about a product in order to facilitate an informed purchase. An informed purchase and a customer who is educated about the proper use, care, application and installation of the product is beneficial to both the business owner, the digital marketer and the client.


This is because the product is demonstrated as being appropriate for a client’s situation, and when the client knows how to properly utilise the product or service, there is a greater degree of satisfaction and value received from purchasing the product or service. Other recent consumer testimonials that are available online from a number of sources also help the potential customer market make informed purchase decisions.

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