Common Types of SEO Packages

||Common Types of SEO Packages

Common Types of SEO Packages

Understanding the various types of SEO practices – the methods put in place for search engine optimisation – will help ensure that the correct decision is made in hiring a professional.

When starting out it can sometimes appear daunting and overwhelming with the various options available for SEO packages and finding the right one for your business is important. This short guide on the most common practices used will help guide you in the right direction when it comes to decision upon a package.

Keyword Research

This is the most important part of any search engine optimisation campaign as keywords are what rank. There are many other elements to ranking well, however finding the most suitable and competitive keywords are vital.

Because there is often a lot of competition around keywords, finding unique one is going to make it a lot easier to rank well in the search engine results pages. In saying this, it is important that the keywords are still relevant and users are searching for these terms.

There are 3 factors when it comes to choosing the right keywords;

  1. How relevant is the keyword(s) – each keyword should be relevant to the businesses services or products
  2. How many people search for the keyword(s) in the defined region – the more people searching for the service or product in the contactable areas the better
  3. How competitive is the keyword(s) – the majority of clicks go to sites on the first page of Google so slightly less competitive keywords will make it easier to rank better

In stating these factors, it is still important to note that people must be searching for the keyword for it to be suitable. Keyword research should be included in your SEO packages if you want the best performance and value for money.

Page Creation

Having an attractive, easy to navigate and customer friendly website is another element that is pivotal to successful SEO. Including page creation in your SEO package will ensure that the website includes relevant pages for each of the keywords and includes appropriate call-to-actions.

Each page needs to include the keywords but it also needs to be informative and natural. Keyword stuffing will lead to penalties from Google so understanding how to create a page that will rank and be beneficial to users is important.

When creating a high quality page, it is important to understand that flooding it with videos and images can sometimes do damage to other elements of Google’s ranking algorithm. Whilst the actual content is most important, having relevant images and call-to-actions is going to further engage users.

However, too much and it may slow down the speed of the pages leading to a lower ranking. This is why it is most commonly included as part of SEO packages as a professional will be able to best optimise the page’s performance.

Link Building

This is how to take a page from being average to performing well in the search engine results. Link building creates a form of reliability behind your website and also helps with gaining links to your website from other pages.

Having the appropriate backlinks, of which they must be high quality, will greatly benefit the potential of your site. High quality links come from respected pages that regularly produce informative content.

External links to these pages are a great place to start but building internal links are also beneficial as it keeps users on the website. Ensure that the agency is regularly talking about quality and not just quantity as it is quality that will lead to a higher ranking site.

The top performing pages all have a variety of both internal and external links leading to their sites and pages.



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