Why businesses need digital marketing in 2018

||Why businesses need digital marketing in 2018

Why businesses need digital marketing in 2018

With the online world ever changing, what may have worked for you and your business in 2017 might not necessarily yield the same or better results in 2018. Being up to date with digital marketing trends of 2018 and knowing how to implement appropriate strategies can give your business the advantage it needs for the New Year.

The main goal for a lot of businesses is to attract new customers while also retaining your current client base. Using digital marketing effectively can help you achieve these goals. Having a budget and a plan in place for your marketing needs is the first step.


With your budget in place you are able to choose what areas you want to focus on. With many different approaches of digital marketing present, choosing the right one for your business is crucial.

How you spend the budget can also be essential for your 2018 marketing strategy. Are you going to focus your efforts on content creation or implementing Pay-Per-Click.

Doing your marketing internally can prove to be more cost efficient but in turn can yield to lower results. If you’re allocating a budget towards digital marketing in 2018, a digital marketing agency can be a wise and more effective choice.

The tactics

Emerging trends for 2018 are but not limited to;

  • Social media management
  • Internal and external website analytics
  • SEO

Taking these trends and making your own strategy or tactic can be what makes or breaks your marketing efforts. Social media tops the chart so understanding your market and platform usage must be taken into consideration.

The top platforms for social media at the moment are;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Understanding these platforms and what consumers look for is essential for your marketing strategy. Mobile friendly posts are crucial. With people using their phones for the majority of their internet use, limiting yourself to desktop only excludes a large portion of the market.

If your business is not equipped to deal with constant social media posts or able to understand website analytics can be your potential downfall.

For a lot of digital marketing agencies they cover all of the emerging trends together as they all relate. SEO revolves very heavily around website analytics. Updating and maintaining your website while also creating blog posts looks favourably in Google’s algorithm when calculating your website’s rank.

Many digital marketing agencies are also aware and trained in social media advertising and marketing to help generate traffic through another channel.

The competition

Analysing what other businesses are doing can be beneficial when conducting your own marketing plan. At the moment email marketing services are one of the most underused services. Simply doing something that your competition isn’t can put you over the edge.

Again this information is useless unless you can use it effectively. Know what potential clients and consumers look for with email services and how they can translate to a sale.

Knowing what your competition is doing can also be a basis for your strategy. What platforms are they on and what tactics yield the most results? These questions must be asked when trying to take your own share of the market control. The platforms they’re on you need to be as well and match them in every way but by putting your own twist on the trends.

Digital marketing is continuing to shape the future of businesses. Having the right procedures in place to adapt will put you over the competition for the New Year. If you can’t focus your efforts internally looking externally for digital marketing agencies can be your best investment yet.

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