SEO Myths of the Modern Time

The lack of clarity is one of those challenges that the SEO world is currently going through. Do you know that search engines really make their algorithms unclear? Thus SEO is really a good game to practice.

You can really learn what will work best for you by randomly checking some helpful ideas on your website. But overall, SEO techniques are divided into parts, on is art and the other is science.

Above all, search engines will continuously be tuned with their algorithms, and the result will be an unbalanced landscape. Some of the SEO myths have been around for decades. So here are some Myths to be aware of when planning your SEO campaign.

SEO myths

  1. Guest posting is considered ruthless

This myth is quite new among the myths written this year. This means that a lot of people have mistreated the idea of pushing the content written by guests to get links to the site. On the other hand, it is just a joke to interpret this into the idea that the every visitor posting is innately bad. If you will go on with guest posting, you need to make a reputation and become visible to your prime goals and you will be fine.

  1. Social media indicates SEO drive

This has been a persistent myth for years and you will be able to see articles that debates about social media being the new SEO. There is nothing that can be further from the truth, and there are lots of reasons why people engage in social media. Your business should also have a social media technique as well, but does not use it just so you think it make your site rank high in search engines.

  1. mythsLink signals are now out

There are people who believed that link based signals are not good rank signals and that Google should find a better alternative to it.  As a matter of fact, inbound links to a site will continue to be strong in signal raking and it will stay that way for some time. Search engines will not move away from the links as rank signals until such time that they have a better signal source, and at present, there is no nothing better.

  1. The search results of Google are now broken

This is a famous myth wherein the idea that Google is going through a serious problem with their search engine. This myth is particularly silly, don’t believe it and get on with business.

  1. Author ranking is also signal ranking

This fresh creativity involved a technique for tying up contents that you publish to your Google profile page; this will help in providing Google better methodologies for easy tracking of what you will publish online. This makes people speculate that Google can easily track the writers who are very much inclined in building higher rankings.