Understanding Google Panda Update

Google Panda is better known as Google Farmer. This is a program about surveys and preferences of humans. It was formulated by a Google engineer named Navneet Panda, an expert from India. This update was introduced in February 24, 2011. It was named Panda Update in accordance with Navneet Panda.

It works best on analytical options of the users. Google Panda involves machine language algorithm or better known as MLA.

google panda

It measures the quality of the content, checks the originality, as well as the uniqueness and relevancy as well. It will check if the elements are of the highest quality links, and if the designs are appropriate for the content. It will look at the words that will appear on the webpage and how users will link the pages of the website. This plays an essential role in Google search engine optimisation ranking, that a lot of experts believe to belong to SEO field, that Google Panda is more of a ranking factor than an algorithm update.

Google Panda update information

Do you know that your site will be affected by the update if there may be a lessening of the page ranking? The content farms will be affected by the Panda update. Duplicated contents will surely pull by the update too. Those who commit plagiarism, which is multiplying these days, will be checked by the Panda. Google Panda will not acknowledge paid ads and links. Moreover, the sites with advertisements will be drastically affected by the update. The articles with headings that are not associated with the content will be penalized. Your site will be affected along with your web ranking. Even if a lot of sites were dramatically affected by the Panda, some went through the changes with flying colors.

pandaThe effect of Panda update on an SEO article

A lot of sites publish their articles to boost traffic to the websites. The quality is compromised dramatically and people come to the site expecting useful and helpful information. Panda update has sent SEO writers into researching mode. Writers nowadays must assess the content of their sites and be able to add value to their content. They need to make sure that their works are plagiarism free, because it will not be endured by Panda update.

Keeping up with Panda

As a writer, you must be able to give your readers the highest form of the article and it should always be originally written. The visitors must feel very enlightened after reading the content on your site. This should all be done to make sure that they will come back again and the traffic to your site will be maintained.

It is also important to have fresh content to your website; articles with links to the blog can also be placed as well. It will be better to write log articles from two hundred and fifty words to around four hundred words.